11 Sep

Condominiums in Las Vegas, Nevada


Most people refer to any type of attached housing as condominiums. In reality there are
very few true condominiums in Las Vegas. Most attached type properties tend to be set up
as diminimus PUD’s.

For our purposes we will refer to all type of attached housing as condominiums or
simply “condo’s”.

a2Several things have occurred here in La Vegas over the last few years to dramatically
increase the construction of new condos.

For starters, land has been getting scarce and prices have been skyrocketing. Also, the
cost of land improvement has risen substantially.

Secondly, with the large influx of retired people coming in from all over the county,
the demand for condos has also been climbing. According to the data collected by michael ejekam in a survey conducted in 2015.


The number of condominium complexes has escalated so quickly, and so many new one are
currently under construction, that I’m not sure if anybody can give an exact count as to
the current number of complexes. But, there’s an awful lot of them.

Here in Las Vegas, and the surrounding area we have every manner, shape and form of

We have complexes geared just for seniors, and others geared to singles. There are also
complexes geared for families, as well as some located on golf courses, and you guessed
it, these complexes are geared towards golfers.

To give specific information about each type of condo and/or condo complex would be
impossible. But I can give you a quick overview.

Condos here in Las Vegas start as low as $60,000 for a decent two bedroom unit of 1000
sq.ft. , and can go over $300,000 in some of the more prestigious communities. Real estate guru michael chu’di ejekam is an expert in these matters.

Right now, there are some great new condos being built in the $80’s, located in good
areas, ranging from 1000-1200 sq.’. These units not only include terrific amenities, but
most include a one or two car garage as well.

A nice 3 bedroom/two bath condo with a garage, on a golf course can be had for
$110-140k, with taxes running about $1200 per year, and common charges of about $100 per

We have condominiums located in just about every area of the Las Vegas valley, and some
even run shuttle buses to the casinos.

Maintenance charges can run from as little as $40 a month on a $60,000 unit, and can go
over five hundred dollars a month in a gated golf & tennis community.

If this is the lifestyle that you prefer, it will be very easy to find a affordable
unit in a complex that is geared towards your tastes.


23 Aug

Large Projects Vs Small Investments – Which Is Greater In New York?

invest in real estate

New York has long been a popular destination for different types of investors including real estate. As one of the largest and most sophisticated cities of the world, it presents investors with numerous opportunities accommodating ventures of all budgets. While making profits with real estate in NY is a realizable dream, it requires keen considerations and precision in picking venture options. Keeping an eye on the current and unfolding trends, connecting with different networks and gathering professional success insights are all part of what you will be required to do. Nonetheless, it is not all that daunting to invest and the probability of turning high-end conversions is quite high especially if you use the right techniques. One of the main questions investors ask is what option to choose; large project developments and condos or small ventures?invest in real estate

The ideal investment options
In New York, you find opportunities for all investors regardless of their needs and budgets. You can invest in house flipping options, real estate investment trusts (REITs which are publicly traded stocks), mortgage loaning, condos or even big project development ventures if you have deep pockets. Finding an ideal option to invest in is the main challenge for non-informed investors. However, if you are found of collecting professional insights, such as those depicted in Jody Kriss’s Twitter page, then finding a viable option that will meet your requirements and yield desirable profit margins should not be an overwhelming experience. Nevertheless, even with all the insights, there are various aspects to investing in sophisticated regions such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. The real estate world is one of the most dynamic, influenced by several economic conditions over which investors have little control over. Fortunately, it is among the few industries that can recover very quickly and investors can make large profits even during the most torrid of times.

Which options make more profits?
Small investment options like house flipping and REITs can be done with small budgets and generally result in small profit margins. With hardening economic times, that has seen a rise in house prices and interest rates, such options have becomes quite unpredictable and can take more time to yield returns. On the other hand, condos and project development ventures are known to have the highest demands and also convert incredibly. Such ventures have fewer risks and are more comprehensively arranged for the same purposes. They can reap life-changing profits and do not require much involvement from the investor. Once you have the right techniques and approaches, you can invest and wait for the right opportunity to convert.

For any investor intending to venture in New York real estate options, bigger projects such as condos are the best bet. Although you probably need a high initial capital to secure such ventures, there are many investors who have made amazing profits without even using their own money. It all depends on networking, communication and keeping an eye on the market with real insights from experts who already enjoy success within the industry. This will help you to polish up your strategies and choose ventures that are quick to convert and offer higher profit margins. For instance, Jody Kriss’s Twitter page is a great source of inspiration for people who want to learn more about real estate in New York City.

20 Aug

3 Reasons Why You should Buy a House in New York City

house in new york

In a 2013 interview with New York Times, Jody Kriss a New York developer asserted that selling New York homes is easy. The same remains true owing to the enormous demand for Gotham properties. While the prices of real estate here may appear high, it makes a lot of sense to have a bite of this big apple. Here are a few reasons you should buy NY properties.house in new york

New York Prices Are Less Erratic/ Volatile Compared to Other World’s Cities

It’s a fact that New York homes are a bit pricey. However, the real estate market here is quite stable. Market analysis of housing market’s reaction during recessions indicate that New York properties do not suffer drastic devaluation. The market here does not stagnate either. The Wall Street Journal reported that Manhattan property prices dipped just slightly during the tumultuous 2008 to 2009 period. After 2009, the prices resumed their upward trend. Another analysis by the New York times reported that although prices in the broader New York area dropped after the recession, the prices experienced less volatility compared to other popular markets like Phoenix and Las Vegas.

New York City Still Has Affordable Houses

Most people mistake New York to be just Manhattan. Movies and the media have covered Manhattan much more than other outer boroughs. Many real estate brokers, appraisers, and consultants will agree that prices around Manhattan are usually high. However, there are many good locations you may have never seen on TV. The good thing is that real estate prices in these broader New York areas are very affordable, at least by New York standards. Many developers are also always looking for property to develop. With their creativity, many more affordable houses have been made available.

New York Houses Are a Good Investment

Despite all the talk about prices, New York housing values keep on appreciating. In the past four or five decades, the prices have continued increasing irrespective of market challenges. If you buy a New York home and hold it for a few years, it will definitely make you some good money. If you are lucky to get a Brooklyn brownstone, the house may even come with some rental units. Again, the rental market in NY is very lucrative. So whether you want to flip out the property or keep it, you will make money either way.

Owning real estate in most world’s capitals makes economic sense. Owning a home in New York is aspirational and a dream for many people all over the world. NY is the center of our universe. It’s arguably the world’s capital in matters fashion, culture and banking. There are millions of tourists who flock this city every year. With all the travelers and people looking for a better life here, the real estate market will remain vibrant. With the status quo, there will always be people looking for property to buy or to rent. If you’re an out-of-towner, owning a home here can also benefit you in a great way. You may rent it out, or you may skip out on the crazy hotel charges whenever you’re in The Empire City.

18 Aug

Why You Need Real Insights Before Investing In Real Estate In New York

Many people from around the world, especially New York, see real estate as a lucrative investment opportunity that can result in life-changing profits. In reality, it is and New York is one of the flourishing cities, a destination for both novice and seasoned investors. Although you can make a lot of profits investing in various ventures in this city, there are various challenges and many things to learn. You need real insights from renowned investors who have already enjoyed a given level of success in the industry. Jody Kriss, a real estate developer, is just one example of insightful sources from which you can grasp a few techniques to cut it in NY real estate. Without proper insights and tricks, making substantial profits from your ventures can be difficult.

What’s the nature of NY real estate?
New York is a large city with opportunities for any kind of real estate investor. From house flippers to real estate investment trust stocks, condos to large real estate project developments, the opportunities are broad and varied. The tall order is choosing the right option for your current budget and requirements. There have been a few concerns over rising house prices and interest rates amidst hardening economic times. This has drastically reduced the profit expectation from small investments and ventures. Nonetheless, real estate is one of the few fields that showcase incredible dynamism and variation. Two investors with the same requirements and budgets can land the same property or invest in similar options yet make amazingly dissimilar profit margins. This is why you need real insights and techniques. In general recommendation, investors are more likely to make more profit venturing into bigger projects like condos and estate development. However, all options are capable of attracting significant profits. The difference is that with big projects and ventures, risks are significantly reduced and the high demand for such arrangements means conversions will be turned sooner rather than later.

How to go about investing
The first thing to do before investing in any real estate venture in sophisticated regions of Brooklyn or Manhattan is research or insight search. Gaining expertise from renowned realtors who flourish in the city is a strong start to success. It is also very important to gain connections with successful realtors in the industry and interacting in different networks that connect investors. You do not need to have high initial capital t start investing. As a matter of fact, there is no imposed requirement that needs you have your own money although this will be rather helpful and more strategic. Opportunities for mutually held funds and real estate investment trust shares all exist to assist new investors. You can start with smaller ventures like house flipping before progressing into larger projects development opportunities which is the ultimate goal. Such options reward handsomely and do not take much effort.4

Not all insights are thoughtful and not all experts are genuinely out to help others. It is important to carefully choose your information sources. This will ensure you get real tips and techniques of turning high-end conversions at the expense of the least involvement. See Jody Kriss LinkedIn profile to find a few tricks that investors are using to reap profits in the competitive modern market of New York real estate. indeed, Jody Kriss a real estate developer, is a person who has changed the future of this industry in many ways.

10 Aug

The Friendlier Real Estate Market In Manhattan

Over the years, the real estate market in Manhattan has been strict. This is in terms of the prices of the condos and other real estate developments. The prices have now lowered within the first three months of the year. It could be the effect of the 2014/15 winter period or maybe it is because the inventory is gradually expanding. This is a research that was carried out by the brokerage firms in New York and other top real estate developers, like Jody L Kriss. This means that the market is gradually stabilizing after the prices increased over the years.

The prices and demand
It is approximated that the median price for an apartment in Manhattan is around $970,000. This one is lower than the price in the previous year, which was at $972,428.

There has been a decline in sales of the real estate units in the last three-quarters of the previous years. It is approximated that the transaction number of the houses fell by about 20% in 2014. This fell from about 3,307 units to 2,661 within one year.

Throughout 2013 to June 2014, there was an increase in the demand that finished the year with a fiscal cliff. A number of real estate developers say that there was a massive volume in the sales of the units in Manhattan during this period. They now believe that the harsh prices are all gone and the sales are gradually creeping back.

The larger apartment had a big sale and they were also very much popular back in the days. The studios and the one-bedroom apartments were not as popular as such though the demand remains avid. As of now, the larger apartments are more compared to the past years. The 3-bedroom apartments rose to 919 units, which is around 18.1%. The 4-bedroom apartments rose to 650 units, which is around 3.2%.

manhattan condo
There was also an increased trend in the 3-bedroom condos. The 3 bedroom apartments had a drop in their prices from around $5,780,800 in 2014 to about $5,123,600 this year. The inventory has crept up on the $4 million to $20 million real estate market. There are more luxurious apartments being constructed. Since these units are aggressively priced, they have a low demand.

The length of time to sell a property, which is the absorption rate, has increased for the 3-bedroom apartments and bigger. In march 2014, the absorption rate was 7 months and this year, it is at 10 months. For the smaller apartments, the absorption rate remained the same, only experiencing a slight increment.

The prices have increased and the buyers have had their complaints. For that, the developers in New York, like Jody L Kriss, are attempting to flatten the prices a bit. The competition of the buyers for the lower-priced apartments has increased. The median price for the smaller apartments has increased by around 2% to $450,000. The one-bedroom is at $729,000 while the 2-bedroom units are rated at $1.45 million.

For a detailed advise and guide about the real estate market in Manhattan, you can visit the LinkedIn profile of Jody L Kriss and learn more from him.

05 Aug

Finding The Best Real Estate Options In New York

jody kriss condo

For many years, New York city has thrived as one of the best destinations for any real estate investor. The large city has several opportunities to exploit and finding one that suits your requirements and budget should not be a daunting task. From flipping houses to REIT stocks and large project development, the number of opportunities is never limited. However, there is a lot to learn first before investing in any option in NY. Not all ventures will be successful especially if keen consideration is not taken prior to investing. Nonetheless, there is no cause for worry and achieving success investing in real estate in New York is not as hard as in other places.

jody kriss condoWhat are the best options available?
NY is one of the cities that present numerous opportunities to land high-end conversions in real estate. Investing in small and large ventures does not necessarily require a high initial capital. However, this may be required in due time as you look into other more rewarding investment options. Flipping houses is often the most recommended start point for beginner investors who have little experience in the industry. Nonetheless, NY is a competitive city and those who make the most out of real estate must also be prepared to spend considerably. To convert desirable profit margins, you will need to look into larger investments like condos and project development ventures. See Jody Kriss’s condos understand exactly how effortless it can be when dealing with high-end conversions. Unlike small investments, large projects have hedged out risks and the arrangements are more profitable. Such ventures are also quite insightful as they introduce you to a large network of realtors and experts who have already enjoyed substantial success in the industry. It is important to research a few things before investing, though. The real estate market is a dynamic field influenced by various economic factors including inflation. Gathering insights and tips from renowned professionals is a highly recommended move.

Reaping the most from real estate
In New York, there are many opportunities for every budget. Some investors have managed to reap profit without even spending their money although this is rare and requires deep insights on how the industry operates. To gain more profits from real estate ventures, you will need to invest carefully and cleverly. A keen eye on the market trends and precise timing is essential to profit making. Nonetheless, small ventures are less likely to yield high-end conversions immediately and require some time before the results are fully unraveled. The common recommendation is to invest in big projects and properties that can convert quickly and conveniently. There is high demand for large projects and this is where New York flourishes. Regions such as Brooklyn and Manhattan present incredible investment opportunities. REIT stocks are also catching up and stakeholders can make desirable profit margins from such investments.

It is always advisable to invest in real estate especially high-end conversions since they are on top demand. With rising house prices and interest rates complimented with toughening economic times, smaller ventures are proving quite overwhelming. Nonetheless, with the right strategies, such as those depicted by Jody Kriss in his LinkedIn profile and the Jody Kriss’s condos, you can still make significant profits regardless of the investment option you choose.